Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry in SouthlakeTraditional dentistry helps to ensure proper oral hygiene and helps to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases that could pose serious health risks. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth to provide you with a more brilliant, white smile. Essentially, restorative, general and family dental practices remedy any dental issues that may require necessary treatment, whereas cosmetic dentistry provides elective services that have the ability to improve your self-confidence and appearance.

Dr. Mabry’s Cosmetic Dentistry in Southlake TX may also provide restorative benefits for patients, as many traditional dental procedures that are performed today may also be considered cosmetic dentistry treatments. For instance, composite fillings are commonly utilized to treat tooth decay and to prevent teeth from fracturing. However, modern fillings also help to improve your appearance, given that they are made with materials that have a more natural look and feel, as opposed to their gold or amalgam predecessors that were clearly visible.

Today, dental fillings are typically made of porcelain or composite materials that resemble the color of your teeth, which help to maintain the natural appearance of your teeth and give you that bright smile that makes a great first impression. In fact, many people opt to have their older fillings replaced with new fillings that closely match their natural tooth color, in order to enhance their oral appearance and eliminate the dark coloring that old-fashioned fillings commonly caused.

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry to enhance your oral appearance,  please call our office at (817) 329-6677 for a consultation. We have a myriad of before and after pictures, you can look at in order to see how dramatically cosmetic dentistry treatments can change the way you look and feel about your smile.  We hear stories all the time from our patients who simply cannot wait to show up for their next special occasion just to show off their new, improved look!  Here is what cosmetic dentistry can do for you:

Change the alignment of your teeth, as well as the shape and size of certain teeth
Replace old, unattractive dental treatments using newer materials and techniques
Brighten the color of teeth and lighten darkened teeth
Fill in gaps and spaces between teeth
Improve or correct any bite issues
Replace missing teeth
Repair decaying, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth

With the cosmetic dentistry options offered by our Southlake TX dental practice, we can restore your confidence and enhance your appearance by giving you the incredible smile that you’ve been waiting for! At Michael Mabry DDS, we’re happy to discuss all your cosmetic dentistry questions and provide answers to your concerns about affordability and scheduling procedures. Affordable cosmetic dentistry in Southlake TX is here for all of your dental needs, so call now for more information. (817) 329-6677