Do Iron Tablets Cause Yellow Teeth?

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Close-up teeth female between before and after brush the teeth.Unlike liquid iron supplement, iron tablets won’t discolor your teeth. Even if they’ll make your teeth yellow, the discoloration is just temporary.

To minimize staining, you may need to dilute the liquid in half a glass of water. It’s also advisable that you drink it through a straw.

If you’re using iron tablets, you don’t have to worry about yellow teeth.

What Causes Your Teeth to Turn Yellow?

Tooth discoloration usually falls into two general categories – extrinsic and intrinsic. The former is a stain that affects the enamel. It usually develops because of your lousy diet. The latter, on the other hand, is caused by numerous medications.

In addition to iron liquid, some antibiotics can cause your teeth to turn yellow. Some antiseptic mouthwash used to treat gingivitis may also cause discoloration. Furthermore, some acne-fighting medications can stain your teeth.

Apart from that, fluoride supplement may also cause intrinsic stain on your teeth.

How to Prevent It?

If you’re taking liquid iron supplement, you’re more likely to experience yellowing of your teeth. But it’s very rarely you’ll encounter it with iron tablets.

To avoid yellow teeth, you should dilute the liquid supplement with water or orange juice.

Water and orange juice are great to dilute the supplement. But never use milk as it can interfere in your body’s absorption of this mineral.

To reduce contact of the supplement mixture, you need to use a straw. If you have a sippy cup, then that’d better.

When you do use a straw, make sure that all liquid has been consumed. Else, you won’t fully get all of its benefits.

You may not need to take iron supplement for the rest of your life. Once you’re off the supplementation, stains are reduced significantly.

And if you don’t want to experience stains on your teeth, you should opt to eat iron-rich foods, like red meats, vegetables and fruits. These sources are way better than getting iron from supplements.

Brushing Twice a Day

It’s also necessary that you brush your teeth twice a day to alleviate any type of teeth discoloration.

The use of baking soda is also quite effective in removing stains. However, using it to toddlers can be quite tricky as baking soda doesn’t have an enjoyable taste.

If your child struggles, use a damp washcloth, instead to apply the baking soda on his/her teeth.

If you’re too concerned about your yellow teeth, you may visit Michael Mabry, DDS, MAGD clinic to undergo professional cleaning.

Other Sources

Iron supplements may cause yellow teeth. But you’ll also have to remember that there are other reasons you may be having teeth discoloration.

Vitamins, medicines and colorful beverages are also culprits.

They, too, can cause stains around your teeth and gum line.

Once the supplementation is reduced or removed, staining of your teeth is no longer an issue.

Always check with your dentist if you’re worried about your yellow teeth. At Michael Mabry, DDS, MAGD clinic, we offer several whitening treatment options for all ages.

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