What Are The Main Issues To Be Aware Of At My Child’s First Dentist Visit?

At age one, your kids must be seen by their dentist. It can also be within six months after their first tooth comes in

During the first dental visit, the appointment is short. If necessary, it may involve little treatment. But this first visit is crucial because your kids will get to meet their dentist. It’s their opportunity to tell whether or not dentists are friendly or threatening.

Your child’s dentist may ask you to sit in the dental chair while you hold your kid during the first dental examination. But some dentists may ask the parents to just wait in the reception area. It’s vital to help the dentist build a relationship between him and your kid.

During the first dental examination, dentists will check the existing teeth of their small patients. They’ll examine them carefully to find out if there’s decay developing. They also look into the child’s bite and find potential problems with the jaw, gums and oral tissues. If there are issues, the dentist will clean the teeth and determine whether or not the child needs fluoride treatment. After that, the dentist will educate you about your kid’s oral health and discuss any dental development issues.

The issues that you may need to raise would include the oral hygiene practices of your child, fluoride treatment, oral habits, teething, proper nutrition, and developmental milestones, among others.

Your child’s dentist may want to see your kid every six months. It’s vital so that your child will be more comfortable in visiting the dental office. It’ll also help in monitoring his teeth’s development. In this way, any developing problems will be treated promptly.

During the first visit, you need to provide the dentist of your child’s complete medical and dental information. That said, you must be ready for the necessary details.

How to make it a success?

It’s true that some kids throw tantrums when visiting their dentist. But don’t assume that your own child will do the same. It could be that your child’s first dentist visit will be fun. It’ll be like a visit to the park.

So, make sure to check your negative feelings. Allow your kid to enjoy it the same way he enjoyed his first visit to his Grandma. It’s natural for kids to develop a fear of going or seeing a dentist. But you must do your best, as a parent to let him recognize the important role of the dentist in his life.

One way to do so is to read him some books about visiting a dentist. Encourage him to play dentist. Buy him toys that are related to dentistry. Explain to him that a dental professional can help him build a strong set of teeth. But don’t go into technical details.

You should come prepared. Bring his toys and some tools to distract him while sitting in the waiting room. It’s also vital to list down all signs you might have noticed about his teeth.

How often should he visit the dentist?

It depends. To know about how he must visit, his dentist must examine his teeth first. Don’t forget to schedule your child’s first appointment with Michael Mabry DDS MAGD today.