My Dental Bridge Keeps Breaking

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A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic dental device. It is applied onto existing teeth. It can last for many years. It will need replacement later on. However, if your dental bridge keeps breaking, you have to consult Michael Mabry DDS MAGD. In this way, he can identify properly the cause of the breakage.

Possible Causes of Dental Bridge Failure

Dental bridges are made of porcelain or ceramics. They are fused to a metal frame. They can fail if you lack dental care.

Without oral care, bacteria can go under the dental bridge. They can produce decay in the teeth’s abutment. When the abutment fails, your dental bridge will also fail. When the dental bridge breaks, it requires immediate fixing.

Although dental bridges can replace missing teeth, they are not a permanent solution. They could last up to seven years or longer. Some could reach 35 years.

However, the abutment teeth could get decayed. And the signs of decay are not always visible. If you feel sensitivity in the teeth around a dental bridge, it could indicate that your dental bridge needs repair.

The treatment will vary depending on the cause of the breakage. If the main issue is the abutment tooth, Dr. Michael will remove the bridge.

Since fixed bridges are cemented to the abutment teeth, your dentist will break the original bridge. After treating the supporting teeth, a replacement bridge can be applied. But the treated tooth must be healthy.

However, if the abutment teeth cannot be restored, the best option is to replace the teeth with implants. The dental implants will support the new bridge.

The dental bridge has a porcelain coating. If the coating is chipped or fractured, Dr. Michael can repair the coating. That is if the bridge is still okay.

Dental Care Tips

As mentioned earlier, dental bridges can last for years or even decades as long as you take care of your dental health. To prevent bridges from coming to lose or falling out, you need to practice excellent dental hygiene.

To protect your dental bridges and prevent it from breaking, you need to ensure that the abutment teeth and surrounding teeth are healthy. And to achieve that, you need to brush your teeth twice a day. Use fluoride toothpaste and make sure to floss daily.

It is also ideal that you visit Dr. Michael Mabry’s dental office regularly for regular checkups. You will also need to undergo professional cleaning twice a year or every three or four months.

You should also avoid chewing hard foods. As much as possible, you must only consume soft foods. Do not eat sticky chocolates. They can easily penetrate the area under the dental bridge.

The highly likely reason your dental bridge keeps breaking is infected tooth. That is why your dentist will treat the infection or decay first before attaching the bridge. Fixing of dental bridges will remove or treat a decayed tooth. It also prevents the teeth from shifting.

This dental issue must be taken care of immediately. You must not wait for it to get worse. Visit Michael Mabry DDS MAGD right away.