My Tooth Feels Loose

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Tooth looseness can be a sign and symptom of a periodontal disease. If it’s left untreated, it can destroy the supporting structures of your teeth, like the bone. As you lose that support, your teeth tend to become loose and your teeth can no longer withstand even a normal biting force. And as the disease progresses without any treatment, you will soon lose your teeth.

But in the absence of bacterial infection, your tooth may feel loose because of an excessive biting forces. Each time you clench your teeth, this action can stretch your periodontal ligaments that join your teeth to the supporting bone. As a result, your teeth become loose.

Regardless of the cause of your tooth looseness, the medical term for it is occlusal trauma. The former defines the bite while the latter describes damage or injury. Knowing the term would help define the condition.

In a primary occlusal trauma where the force is too much but the bone support for the teeth is normal, the way to treat is to reduce the forces.

The first possible treatment is to treat the symptoms that affect the jaw joints or cause soreness of the teeth. You can take a minor muscle relaxant, like diazepam, or an anti-inflammatory medication, like aspirin.

The second possible treatment is to use a mouth guard that’s property fitted and adjusted. This reduces the high forces on the teeth and lessen your habits that have been causing your tooth looseness.

In the case of secondary occlusal trauma, your gum disease has already resulted in an excessive bone loss. This means that a normal bite force can be damaging to the affected tooth. The main goal in treating this case is to remove the cause, i.e. gum disease. The key here is to remove the bacterial biofilm. This requires the implementation of oral hygiene. Oftentimes, when your periodontal disease has healed, your teeth will eventually tighten as your gum tissue heals and inflammation has reduced.

As soon as you see Dr. Michael Mabry, he will start examining the reason for your occlusal trauma. In some rare cases, a careful reshaping is needed to change how your upper and lower teeth contact each other. Your teeth may be splinted so they can withstand bone loss support. This is usually performed when looseness becomes severe.

In general, however, it’s not likely that you will lose your tooth when it feels loose. However, tooth looseness isn’t a good sign. The problem is complex but it’s treatable. You should call Dr. Michael Mabry immediately for consultation. As soon as you visit his clinic, you will undergo a thorough examination. In this way, the cause and severity of the tooth looseness will be determined. He will also know whether or not your tooth can still be saved.

There are several reasons your tooth feels loose. No matter what the cause is, it’s essential that you see Dr. Michael Mabry as soon as possible. In this way, any problem can be corrected and prevent you from losing your tooth.