My Tooth Fell Out

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If your tooth fell out, it could happen because of decay or an injury.

A knocked out tooth is medically referred to as an avulsed tooth. In some cases, a permanent tooth that has been knocked out can be returned in place. But only adult teeth can be re-implanted into your mouth as baby teeth can’t be placed back.

What you must do if your tooth falls out?

Whether it’s from an accidental fall or car accident, you can still save your tooth that has been knocked out as long as you bring it to your dentist as soon as possible. The longer you have to wait to see your dentist, the less chance you have for your tooth to be saved.

When you bring that tooth to your dentist, you must only carry it by the crown or the chewing edge and not by the root.

After the tooth fell out, try placing it back in where it fell out. Get gauze or a wet tea bag and bite it down gently on the tooth to keep it in place. Avoid swelling the tooth.

However, if it’s no longer possible to place it back in your mouth, place it in a container, instead. Cover it with a small amount of saliva or whole milk. Or you can also place it in under your tongue.

If you have a tooth-saving storage device, you can use to place your tooth that fell out.

When there’s a pain in the area, apply a cold compress to the gums and mouth. Or you may apply direct pressure to the affected area to control bleeding.

No matter what steps you take, you must see your dentist right away. You need immediate dental help to avoid further pain or infection. It’s especially true if your tooth has been severely damaged or your nerve endings have been exposed.

Things that you must avoid when handling your tooth

As mentioned earlier, you should not handle your tooth by the roots.

Cleaning the root or scraping it may be the first thing that comes to your mind. But it’s not a good idea. Avoid scraping or removing dirt from the root of your tooth.

Never brush it with alcohol or peroxide.

When is the best time to contact your dentist?

You must contact your dentist immediately after your tooth fell out. An immediate medical help is always needed.

Prevention is better than cure.

That said, it’s always best to wear a mouth guard when you’re playing a contact sport, like football or basketball. Even if you’re running or jogging, a mouth guard may help prevent your tooth from falling out in case you meet an accident.

It’s also ideal to avoid eating hard foods, like bones or tough bagels.

If the tooth that fell out can’t be placed back in your mouth, your dentist can recommend several options, like getting an implant or a bridge. Talk to your dentist about the best choice for your case.