My Tooth Broke But Doesn’t Hurt

When you break your tooth, it does not always hurt. It is especially true if it is filled with silver mercury filling. Then again, even if you tell your dentist “My tooth broke but doesn’t hurt,” he/she will tell you to fix it before it splits.

A broken tooth is fairly common, especially for patients who grind their teeth. When you visit Dr. Michael Mabry’s dental office, he will examine your biting surfaces to check for cavities and broken fillings. Apart from that, he will also look into black lines that could be proof of a vertical crack.

It might tempt you to just leave your broken tooth alone because it is not painful. However, it is not the best method to deal with this issue.

Keep in mind that broken tooth does not heal itself. It could spread if it is left untreated. If you wait until it hurts, then you might experience debilitating pain in the future. As a result, you might lose your tooth.

Fixing the broken tooth before it gets hurt will help you keep it. Treating it must be done, even if it implies putting a crown over the broken tooth. A crown will give the tooth strength that it requires. Despite the effort of getting a dental crown, it is still better than undergoing tooth extraction. With a dental crown, your natural tooth will have the support that it needs to prevent it from extraction.

How to Prevent Pain from Occurring?

After you realized that you broke your tooth, you should contact Michael Mabry DDS MAGD’s office for treatment and proper evaluation. While waiting for your appointment, rinse your mouth with warm water. Doing so will eliminate any food particles.

If your tooth bleeds, use a gauze and press it against your tooth. Or you may use a clean wet tea bag. The goal here is to stop the bleeding. Now, if there is a little pain, consider taking an over-the-counter medication.

A broken tooth could be the result of tooth decay or disease. Hence, you should visit Dr. Michael Mabry’s office as early as possible.

Temporary Repair

If you broke your tooth and it could be a day or two before you could visit Dr. Michael’s office, you may use a bonding agent. This is a temporary dental bonding that you can find and purchase from the nearest pharmacy.

A dental bonding agent is a temporary fix. Thus, it must not be considered as a replacement for a professional dental treatment. Even though it could protect your broken tooth, it could still lead to infection. Keep in mind that infection could spread in the gums and other teeth. And if you still refuse to undergo treatment, the affected tooth may die. As a result, you will have to undergo tooth extraction.

For that reason, Dr. Michael recommends visiting his office as soon as possible to save your tooth. Even if it does not hurt, a broken tooth must be fixed immediately by a dental professional.

If you need help with your broken tooth, make sure to contact Michael Mabry DDS MAGD’ office today for an appointment.